[Sunday Morning Coffee] Ep 01:Gifted Kids and Twin Flame Love

Sunday Morning Live

Episode O1 – Gifted Kids and Twin Flame Love
October 29, 2017

Our Sunday Morning Live Coffee was held at a horse farm in Awendaw, South Carolina. We had a great conversation centered around the following questions:

Hi Dakota, I’m the mom of a teen boy who is seems very gifted and very in tune but he is having much conflict with the world around him. I am not keen on conventional therapy but feel he needs something – do you have any suggestions? I’m also wondering if there are other parents who struggle with this as well?

We also conversed about our thoughts on this question:

How do we know true unconditional love when our hearts and instincts are at war with the mind? Why would we still feel a heart based energy for those who have wronged us? What is unconditional love? How much can it endure and why would it remain so strongly present for those who hurt us? Does the heart do the choosing for us?

Listen in to see what each of us had to say about these important topics! Want to join me for a Sunday Morning Coffee? Use the sign up form here to secure your spot at the table … spaces are limited, first come first serve. Free but you must buy your own coffee!


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