[046]Coffee with Dakota: Tarot and Shamanism – Do They Fit?

Today’s Coffee Question

When I first started my spiritual journey a few years ago it was a little chaotic, collecting books and information on all kinds of subjects. I settled into studying tarot and have been told, and have experienced, that I have the gift of reading tarot. I pretty much let go of reading when shamanic living entered my life. I am thankful that I have been led to the shamanic path of life and blessed to have been led to you and your group.

My question is, does tarot reading fit in to shamanism?


  1. Audrey Christopher 1 year ago

    That was a great coffee with Dakota. I was also curious about tarot and shamanism. Thanks for doing these i really enjoy them and u look realky lovely in this one. Your soulshine is really coming through.

  2. Hana 1 year ago

    Thank you so much for this coffee and your insight. I have been torn apart for quite a long time if it is tarot or shamanism for me with both of them continuously showing up and even blending together. Finding that bridge sounds like a great way to go.

  3. Josephine Brisley 1 year ago

    I have on my journey for 3-4 years, I have mainly taught myself through reading and mediations. I am strict budget so obviously as impact.

    I would like know if my son who met through one of your mediations and we still listen to.

    Will he have strong connect to spiritual world?

    Thank you Dakota.

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