[043]Coffee with Dakota: Living into My Calling

Today’s Coffee Question

Today I share with you what it is like from my point of view to be working with people like you, to see the collective soul family returning to each other and to be a witness to the unfolding of such wise, old souls as they remember who they are.
And … just as a small reveal, you will learn a little more about the upcoming challenge I have in store for the private Facebook group!
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  1. Joy 1 year ago

    Sending supportive hugs to you both for all that you do. Bringing together the curious and the lost souls… Just completed the 21 day challenge, profound affect on me..I’m calmer, house calmer and partner too! He asked me today few questions…he’d seen the change in me today…so I will place him on the next challenge, I pray he starts it… His choice, but at least I’m sharing what made a difference for me. I pray you got a team of helpers there in the background… What your doing for humanity is awesome, I can tell its from the heart. So no question really, just wanted to say, hey, be rude if you think it is, I don’t, but drink that hot cuppa coffee, you truly deserve it! Love light and laughter blessings a thousandfold from Joy, little mountain, Richards. From Paddys wig ham in Liverpool, England!

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