[032] Coffee with Dakota: Respecting the Traditions of Natives

Today’s Coffee Question

Dear Dakota,
I am Anishinaabe (Ojibwe), German, Norwegian, & Dane and mostly identify as Anishinaabe. SOME “traditionals” that live on the reservation look down at other people practicing/mixing with other religious/spiritual beliefs. Unfortunately, the old traditional ceremonies aren’t being practiced. My dilemma is I want to practice traditional ways but all the respected spiritual leaders/healers have passed on and I don’t trust the ones that do call themselves “spiritual leaders.” Of all the meditations out there I have found your meditations to be the closet to my belief. What are your thoughts on practicing/mixing religious/spiritual beliefs?

Terri (Binesikwe) Hom

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  1. Lisa Kling 1 year ago

    Thanks, Dakota, for answering the question about mixing spiritual practices. Thanks even more for sharing your authentic self while answering it. I’m relatively new to your groups and I wondered if I would be able to get a sense of the true you via tiny camera. Today, I’m sure it is possible. I look forward to work with you.

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