[030] Coffee with Dakota: Am I Shaman?

Today’s Coffee Question

Hi Dakota, my name is Gwynn.

My friend recently started tapping into some Shamanic practices, and then I came across your guided shamanic meditations on YouTube. I’m so intrigued now and wondered if you would please tell me through your own words what shamanism is and how you help others through this form of practice? Thank you for all the deep and beautiful meditations you offer!


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  1. Vicki Jeffers 1 year ago

    Hello Dakota! I absolutely love this! I have submitted a question to you about guides and such visiting me in the dream state rather than through a lot of ritual. The true impetus behind my questions have to do with the fact that in trying to find people I can relate with, I have taken some “Beginner Shamanism” courses.
    They were about 6 hours long and involved several different “journeys, ” one right after the other, with sharing afterwards. Although it was interesting and our groups produced some fascinating results, I cannot say it deeply touched my soul. To me, the shamanic way is different for each person and should not be ‘sold’ in canned form – everyone doing the same thing at the same time, etc. It felt shallow and irreverent for me to journey on demand, repetitiously, rather than quietly meditating, seeking guidance, praying with intent, observing signs in nature and everyday life, then observing and listening for the answers – and answers that do not always come immediately during or after a journey, but sometimes later. I felt pressured and out of place, like I could never be a ‘real’ shaman if I didn’t enjoy a lot of repetitious, on demand style of journeying. But if the gatherings involved one long, soulful group journey in which everyone is involved in a ritual to accomplish something – such as global love and peace – I could really get into that. So I guess the real reason behind the question I submitted a few days ago had more to do with trying to figure out if I belonged in shamanic ways if I found the rituals in shaman classes a bit lacking in connecting with my soul. I suppose, in their defense, their main goal in these classes is just to get people more involved and accustomed to journeying. But I prefer much more the way I see you connect with your intentions and environment in shamanic ways. I really identify with this. So wonderful to see I’m not a misfit wandering alone in the world! I also really enjoy your youtube journeys which are much more like meditations to me. No pressure. Thanks Dakota!

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 1 year ago

      Vicki, I agree, canned “anything” is just not the way to a deeper path. The number of ways to find religion or spirituality is equal to the number of people in the world. There is no real “wrong” way or “right” way, there is just your way – however that looks to you. So I urge you to find that inner shaman within you and discover how she wants to live shamanically in this world!

      • Vicki Jeffers 1 year ago

        Thank you!!

  2. Sheryl Spencer 1 year ago

    This is a wonderful explanation of Shamanism. I look forward to your videos each week, the teachings you provide and your words of wisdom help to keep me uplifted and grounded. Thank you so very much, Dakota <3

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 1 year ago

      Thanks Sheryl! So glad you are enjoying the videos!

  3. Deborah Anschutz 1 year ago

    Good morning! Good to see you

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 1 year ago

      Good morning beautiful one! I have missed you!!

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