[029]Coffee with Dakota: Help! I’m a jealous, compulsive boyfriend!

  1. Roseanne Cooper 11 months ago

    First, I would like to thank Gabriel for posing his courageous questions. His sincerity has emboldened me to ask a burning, but difficult question.
    My husband is very quick to respond to a host of situations with anger. This tendency creates chaos and adversity our relationship as well as those of our children.
    I am sad and stuck.
    Although there have been improvements, we continue to struggle. I try to be calm and understanding but this quickly switches over to me getting angry in response to his anger.
    I wish to alter our well worn pattern yet seem to be lost deep in my/our rut….can you throw me a life line?

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 11 months ago

      Roshana, I’d like to thank Gabriel as well, what a brave step to admit the places we are needing growth in. The only lifeline I can throw you is the reminder that you only have control over your actions/reactions – and the only changes you can make are your own changes. Focus your energy on those areas and from there you will navigate his anger better and likely he will too. I always tell folks who begin this journey of soul work that those around you will either rise up with you, or they will bow out – be prepared for either. When you begin living more authentically and powerfully in your life you will begin attracting the same like mind into your life. It’s just the law of vibration. So focus on YOU … polish off that soul of yours and let it shine.

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