[026] Coffee with Dakota: Am I Responsible for Someone Else’s Happiness?

  1. Ron Shackelly 11 months ago

    I agree, I feel sorry for people who are having a problem through no fault of their own, like my ancestors who were mistreated, but I agree that people are responsible for their own happiness!! A’ho.

  2. Anjana Agarwal 11 months ago

    Hi Dakota,

    Well explained. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to join your private Facebook group. Can you please let me in? I love your videos and energy. You always give me positive energy.

    Thanks again for you to support us.

  3. Stephanie 11 months ago

    Yes yes and yes, if you want to survive and keep going.

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 11 months ago


  4. Stephanie 11 months ago

    And I do feel that sometimes, when you are struggling with big emotionally draining experiences in life, and someone elses pain touches yours, THEN it will be very hard to hold that space unless you have resolved the pain. This “stuff” will come back again and again until its resolved. I get caught out still. Xx

    • Author
      Dakota Walker 11 months ago

      Yes, it is truly difficult to hold space authentically for others if we are all over the place and our energy is spread throughout our own pain as well as others. Such a delicate walk, this thing called life!

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