[025] Coffee with Dakota: Re-Igniting Your Soul Fire

Today’s Coffee Question

Ok. I’m being sneaky and asking 2 questions!

But they are kind of linked to each other so hoping that’s ok, 🙂
Firstly what do you recommend to do for staying connected or spiritually focused when life is hectic and busy?

I find myself slowly get disconnected from source and spirit as i get busier and busier until i yearn for even 5 minutes of meditation and connection. And when i do 9 times out of 10 i fall asleep.

Also when i feel i get disconnected, i find it very hard to reconnect. Like i feel my soul fire burning low and not communicating spiritually. Can you recommend a few ways to get back on track and into the flow again?

Lots of love Anna 🙂

  1. Audrey Christopher 12 months ago

    Not sure if this is the link for the facebook invite i hope it is i would love to join be invited and learn be part of and all that great stuff.
    Thank you for all u r doing .

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