Celebrant Services

Creating Moments that Last a Lifetime

As an ordained minister, Dakota officiates weddings, funerals and other Rites of Passage that are significant in one’s life. Dakota combines the wisdom teachings of the ancient Celts, and Native Americans to create a ceremony that is moving, deep and soulfully connected.

Whether you are embarking on a path with your sacred partner or facing the end of your life and wish for your soul to be eased during this time, Dakota will work with you to create a moment that encapsulates your transition in a beautiful and profound way.

“Dakota was born to be a guide. She has the presence of someone who lives closely aligned with spirit and is the embodiment of someone who is on this earth but not of this earth. She helped me during a time of distress and helped me reconnect with the calm and the purpose in my life. I love what she does and who she is and highly recommend her to anyone seeking a guide to peace and well-being.”

Kathy Murphy, Author, Your Possible Life


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