About Amber One Tree Eagle

As the co-founder of the Gaia Wisdom School and Sanctuary, Amber is also known for being the nurturer who holds the space for all to melt into their own self-compassion and truth.  She prepares organic, nutritious and gluten-free meals, preferably from the community garden and local farms!

Through her extensive travels around the world for deep spiritual seeking, she has learned much about living in communities through Auroville Community in India, Findhorn Foundation in Scotland along with their sister island of Erraid Community, Arthur Morgan School in Burnsville, NC, and her own community of volunteers from all around the world at Gaia Wisdom School and Sanctuary.

As a former early childhood teacher of eleven years, Amber has great attention to detail and is in the process of manifesting her dream by creating an alternative school and community where children may come to explore and discover their true passions through nature, Permaculture Ethics and Principles, Community Building/Self-Compassion, Rituals, and more.

One of her greatest passions is serving as a Guardian ad Litem through CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) for children of abuse in her surrounding community.  She is inspired by animals, Nature, soul growth- especially self-compassion, gardening, cozy fires, and spending quality time with friends and family.


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