About Gaia Wisdom School

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    Amber and Dakota

    Hi! We are the two crazy women who founded Gaia Wisdom School and who live in the middle of the forest in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. We moved here in 2012 and began cultivating the land and space to create a magical arena for powerful retreats. Together we compliment one another to create a safe, nurturing place for deep dives.

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    Dakota Earth Cloud

    I’m really not as serious as I look in this photo, I really love laughing and being goofy. But … I am also serious about the work I do. I learned at a very young age, what my sacred purpose is and how to live it fully. And every day, I do just that. I am so honored to be a part of the path for so many people.Click below if you want to know more about me.

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    Buddha is our resident deer. She has been with us since she was about 2 days old. She is the one that we think most people enjoy seeing even more than us during their retreats. She has quite the personality, and since so many people ask … here is her story.

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    Amber One Tree Eagle

    Amber is a Vegan Fusion Chef and is the one who keeps everyone healthy, safe, nurtured, and loved while they are here during their soul growth retreats. Amber has studied a variety of venues.

About Gaia Wisdom School

It all began with two children, Amber and Dakota, running through the woods, climbing trees, and exploring nature, one in Ohio and the other in South Carolina.  Little did we know we would meet face to face some forty years later with a shared interest in living holistically, authentically, and with a desire to support others in reconnecting to their truth.

Gaia Wisdom School & Sanctuary is a magical space co-created by Amber and Dakota in which you may allow yourself to deepen your connection nurtured by our loving forest and community.

Our Mission is to bring people together to remember the Oneness we share and witness our true potential through experiential workshops, soul-inspired retreats, and through reconnecting with our natural world.

We invite you to become a part of our community with those who share the joy of learning, evolving, and co-creating together.


The act of co-creating and learning as a kid made life fun and exciting for Amber, and, as a social director for her school, she once again worked in a group where they collaborated to make life inspiring for their fellow teachers and principals.  They came together as a community to build a life that was fully engaging and supporting for the children in their school.

One of our goals here at Gaia Wisdom School & Sanctuary  is to build a community of co-creators.

The possibilities are endless….  We believe when people come together for a common cause, we all become strengthened in our oneness and empowerment to live from our truth and co-create from a space of love.

Our work/study program provides this perfect balance for you to learn, grow, collaborate, deepen, process, and to take action through loving service….in community. You can learn more about our Work/Study program through our Gaia Wisdom Sanctuary

Spiritual Seekers

Do you ever wonder “Who are we?” … “Why are we here?” … “What is really true/real?”

Do you meditate, walk in the woods, and/or listen to spiritual speakers with the intention of connecting on a deeper level?

There is something unique and beautiful about each of our spiritual journeys.

Amber began her spiritual quest in her thirties and dove completely in at the age of 40 after a divorce of close to sixteen years.  This experience exposed her to releasing old patterns, opening to truth, and discovering self-love.  In her belief that we are all teachers and students, she continues to be open to learn from all of her relationships.  Her most profound teacher is Nature.

Through Amber’s passion to nurture and Dakota’s passion to teach/guide, Gaia Wisdom School & Sanctuary  is here to offer you a safe, simple, and authentic environment in which you may allow yourself to open and exercise absolute honesty of where you are on your path so that you, too, may be empowered to live your truth….however that looks for you!

Remember who you are.  Live your full potential.

Our Retreats

This land is ancient. We’re located in the heart of the oldest mountains in the world and just miles from the retreat center is the third oldest river in the world. And you feel it … when we come together in retreat, we’re not only bringing in our present day energy and working with spiritual tools but we’re also communing with the land, working in conjunction with the land ancestors and being deeply held by Mother Earth.

At Gaia Wisdom School, we hold a select few retreats each year. These retreats generally fill up quickly and it is advised to register early or to be on a waiting list for our next retreat. For any upcoming retreats, check our schedule.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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